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Information For Appointments During Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear Client

I am delighted to announce that I am back to practice and accepting bookings as was prior to the lockdown.


Thank you and stay safe!!!

Link to the Covid-19 Response – Spring 2021 document click here

There will be some changes in the process both before and during each session, to help ensure both yours and my safety.

Before you leave your home, please check your temperature, and consider if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms. If yes to any of those questions, please postpone or cancel your appointment.

If you are a first-time client, your pre-session consultation (if it is necessary) will now take place via the phone or video-conferencing – rather than face to face and a new Online Consultation Form emailed for completion prior to the visit.

If you are an existing client there will be a short update consultation – to see how you have been since pre lockdown and whether you have any Covid-19 issues, also via phone and emailed the new Client Declaration - For Follow-up Appointment online form for completion prior the visit.

There will also be a consent form to complete regarding exposure to Covid-19. If you are considered a high-risk client, it may not be possible to massage you at this time. People with the following health issues may be considered a RED FLAG – and may need a referral from their GP. Clinical reasoning and review to ensure that the therapists protect themselves and their clients. If in doubt, do not treat.

  • Those shielding vulnerable family members, front-line NHS staff & carers

  • Anyone currently receiving treatment for cancer, any serious lung condition, anyone recently post-operative

  • Experiencing severe post Covid-19 circulatory complications – DVT, micro-embolisms, CVA or PE

  • Aged 70 years or older

  • Pregnancy

  • Mild heart & respiratory conditions – and suppressed immune systems

  • Diabetes

  • Are very obese (a BMI of 40 or above)

  • Anyone who has been in contact with someone with Covid-19

  • For a more comprehensive list, go to:

All consultation & consent documents can be signed online and submitted to me beforehand. 

Please wear easy to remove clothes. You will be given a container in which to put them when you undress, or you can just leave them on the disinfected chair. Please avoid wearing jewellery as this makes the process simpler.

Please also if you wish to bring your own water - however I will also provide to you.

When you arrive, you will be required to sanitise your hands or wash them (and dry them with paper towels), wear face covering before entry - and walk into the practice room without touching anything. 

Try to arrive as close to appointment time as possible to avoid appointments that ‘cross over’, thus reducing social distancing issues and potential cross contamination. 

If there are soft furnishings in the practice room, they will be covered by couch rolls. Cushions and soft furnishings will have been removed.

The massage table will have been thoroughly disinfected. The linens are all clean, and you will be encouraged to wear a mask.

The therapist will be using personal protective equipment – until the requirement relaxes.

Guidance regarding using face masks by clients

We, as therapists, cannot compel anyone to wear a face covering. We can ask them to wear one and explain our reasons, should they refuse, we have a choice. If they have a justifiable reason not to wear one,(such as a respiratory condition) this should be documented, and if we are happy to, treat, wearing full PPE. If they are not willing to wear it just because they don’t want to, we could do the same, document and treat, or, in both or either case, we could say, unfortunately at the moment we will not be able to treat, as protocols are clear, and our risk assessment dictates this as one of our controls. We are voluntarily regulated, so we have the choice, as to what we would do in this instance, we must just be prepared to justify, in writing, our decisions. 

If required to lay in the prone position, ensure you are comfortable with their face covering. If you are wearing a ‘medical mask’ caution should be taken with the metal strip as this could cause an injury to the bridge of the nose. 


If you feel uncomfortable with the precautions taken, or wearing the face covering during treatment, the treatment shall cease. However, the protocols shall still be observed, i.e. hand sanitising and face covering. 


You must avoid touching your face and face covering during the treatment. Before removing your face covering hands shall be washed or hand sanitiser used. 


If it’s a single use face covering it shall be safely disposed of. 


When the treatment is over, please leave all the linens and towels.

Payment ideally should be made prior to the appointment via bank transfer or online payment to avoid touching card machines or money. If card machines are to be used then contactless is recommended. If a card machine has been used it shall be wiped down after use. However, if you prefer cash payments, it is fine as I will put them in an envelope.

There will be an approximate 30-minute gap between clients, to enable disinfection of the practice space, therapy table and equipment, hallways and bathrooms etc, with enough time to dry and take effect.

Additional Guidelines for the Holborn Therapy Rooms

For the time being there will be no reception cover at the London Natural Health Centre. In order to maintain distance, clients should not be waiting in reception at all. 

Try to arrive as close to appointment time as possible to avoid appointments that ‘cross over’, thus reducing social distancing issues and potential cross contamination. 

On arrival, you should call or message me and then I can let you in from the room using the Klevio app, and come straight to the room. 

If the centre is busy at a particular time I may contact you to stagger your booking slightly.

Additional Guidelines for Home Visits 

Two hours prior your appointment time, please check your temperature, and consider if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms. If yes to any of those questions, please postpone or cancel your appointment.

Prior to entering the premises, the therapist shall confirm with the client that they and any members of their household have no signs of Covid-19. The bare minimum amount of equipment shall be brought into the client’s house. This includes removing the treatment couch cover before entering the premises (if that possible). 

The therapist shall sanitise their hands and don their face covering before entry. The client shall don their face covering before the therapist enters their location. 


The client shall ensure that all internal doors are closed to prevent other household members from meeting the therapist. The client shall open/close doors for the therapist. 


During this time I would ask the client’s  to provide their own towels (two big) or two single bed sheets to use for their treatments. 


Following the treatment, the therapist shall place any towels and the couch cover into a plastic bag, such as a bin bag. This it to be tied once all items are placed within it, these are to be washed at the earliest opportunity.  Also wipe down their couch using antibacterial cleaner and sanitise their hands before putting it back in their couch case and removing their face cover.


The therapist shall exit the client’s premises without touching any doors, these are to be opened and closed by the client escorting the therapist out. 


I know all these rules and guidelines are not pleasant for anyone, but we must follow them until things return back to normal!


Thank you for your understanding, and your support during this period of time! 

Stay safe!!!


All the best,


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