Soft Tissue Therapies 

Holistic (Swedish) Massage

To release bodily or mental tension

Relax after a period of work or tension with a gentle superficial light and firm pressure holistic Swedish massage.   

60min £60

90min £80

Deep Tissue & Myofascial Release

Go deep, into the muscle layers of the body


Deep Tissue is a mix of Deep and Superficial techniques with firm pressure. The lighter strokes effect to relax, warm and prepare the tissues before the deeper techniques are applied. 

60min £60

90min £80

Clinical Sport & Remedial Massage

Leads to the healing process


Clinical Sport & Remedial Massage is treatment modalities that manipulates, manages, and rehabilitate the soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments. Sports therapy it is appropriate not just to sports people, but to anyone wishing to guard against or recover from a soft tissue injury.

45min £50

60min £60

Combination Soft Tissue Therapy

Combination treatment for chronic pain and soft tissue injuries, repetitive strain injury (RSI), body (muscle) imbalances & postural faults, with emphasis to physical/mechanical, physiological and psychological effects.

Combination Soft Tissue therapy is a general long treatment which comprises, assesment, mix of deep, superficial, remedial techniques and strokes with firm pressure, with also trigger point therapy, spinal manipulation and stretching exercises. All relevant techniques adjust and perform according to the client’s needs and response.


Linking Strokes included in to my longest treatments, effects to maintain the feeling of continuity and physical contact between completion of one stroke and commencement of another.

120min £100

Medical Acupuncture (Dry Needling)

Medical Acupuncture (Dry Needling) involves inserting fine needles for a therapeutic effect of muscular pain relief. Overall, it is an adaptation of the Chinese method just using modern up-to-date knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Medical Acupuncturists no longer conform to the notion of Ying and Yang. However, we do aim to create homeostasis within the body.

Sports & Kinesiology Taping

Description of the procedure involves for Sports Taping 


Athletic taping is by far the most widely used technique, and it is a rigid or semi-rigid taping technique. It is primarily used for acute injuries and prevention of injuries. Can assist the healing process, in pain management by limiting joint ROM, and provides support for the injury.


Description of the procedure involves for Kinesiology Taping


KT has grown in popularity and is now a vital tool in rehabilitation and management of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. So the basic mechanism of KT are; stimulation of proprioceptors/mechanoreceptors, lifting skin to create and area of low pressure and gentle reposition of tissues (mulligan/myofascial release theories).

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